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Here is our studio etiquette, cancellation policy

  • Take off your shoes before entering and put them on the shoe rack

  • We provide changing room, resting room, and toilet

  • arrive 10 mins in advance to get prepared for class

  • please attend class on time. to be fair to another student, you will be counted as absent if you are later than 15 mins from the class

  • Please cancel the booking at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours before the class start time, it will be counted as a "late cancellation". If you do not show up to class, it will be counted as "absent".

  • This is for the benefit of other students. We hope you understand

  • Class package: We will deduct 1 class if you late cancel/no-show

  • Unlimited package: If there are 3 late cancellations/no-shows, we will terminate your unlimited package 7 days before the date it was originally supposed to end at

  • Trials / Free Classes: We will deduct it as your complimentary trial / free class

  • Online booking is not available 4 hours before the time of the class. Please send us WhatsApp 67624976 for a -minute booking.

  • Class will be canceled if there are less than 2 students 8 hours before class.

  • Please book the waitlist If the class is fully booked.

  • If there’s medical cancellation, please provide medical certification for

  • Once you signed up for any of Soulgreat Studio classes. You have agreed to our terms and conditions. Soul great Studio remains in full force and effect.

  • Students should choose classes according to self condition and level. Students should ensure they are not over their limits and put their bodies in harm in doing movements and poses. Team Soulgreat and instructors are not responsible for your injury. if you have any injuries or any medical condition. Please notice your instructors and get advice from professionals or doctors. We don’t provide any medical advice

  • 入門口前請脫鞋,並放上鞋架上

  • Soulgreat Studio內設有洗手間,休息室及更衣室

  • 學生請於課堂開始前10分鐘到達,更衣或存放好個人物品,準備課堂

  • 入學生在課堂開始後15 mins內未能到達課室,該課堂預約將被取消並不設補堂。

  • 取消或更改課堂必須於開課48小時前於Soulgreat Glofox預約系統完成。如學生於指定時間內未能出席課堂而沒有醫生紙證明,系統會照常扣減課堂。

  • 無限課堂會籍在課堂開始48內更改課堂或缺席2次將被停止預約課堂7天。

  • 試堂同學遲到或缺席將會失去試堂機會

  • 這是對同學公平起見的安排,希望你能明白

  • 課堂預約系統將於課堂開始前 4 小時停止預約服務,入學生需要預約課堂請聯絡我們進行預約。

  • 若課堂人數不足2人,課堂將會8小時前被取消,同學請留意通知。

  • 如課堂名額已滿,同學可以預約候補名單。

  • 課室範圍內不得進食,飲用水除外。

  • 所有已付款之課堂均不可退款及轉讓。Soulgreat 保留最終決定權。

  • 預約課堂時,即代表您接受並同意有責任確保參加課堂活動時,因應身體狀況選擇適當的難度等級。課堂時學員需自行評估練習瑜伽式子的安全性,亦有責任評估自己參與此類體育活動的身心能力。 Soulgreat 及導師不會對您的受傷承擔任何責任。 如果對自己的健康有任何疑問,於參與Soulgreat Studio課堂前,應先諮詢醫生或其他相關醫療專業人士。

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